What is it?

The map lists user submitted coeliac/gluten free reviews of restaurants/shops/pubs etc in the UK and around the world. Each venue has contact and location details, along with photos if available.


How can I get this, I hear you ask. There are two options:

1) Here, on the website. Click Map on the tab bar to view the map in your browser. You can add new venues / reviews from here as well (right click to add a new venue).

2) On your android mobile phone. Search the app store for "coeliac map" and you should find it. The app is currently free, and is best for when you're out and about and looking for somewhere nearby to eat right now! If you find a good place, you can add it to the map straight away from your phone.


The map grew out of a frustration of visiting a new place and not knowing where was good to eat and where to avoid. Local Coeliacs know of the hidden, out of the way places that give great service and cater for coeliacs. The map aims to share this knowledge, so that you don't have to repeat all of the hard work (and bad experieences!) that other people have put in.

Who For?

The map is for everyone - Coeliacs, friends and family of Coeliacs and even venue owners looking to advertise their Coeliac friendliness.

How can I help?

So you've used the map to find somewhere new and want to give something back?

Firstly, you can start by rating the venue you just visited and leave a short message for those who follow.

Are there places that you know about that aren't listed? Add them to the map. In fact, add as many venues as you can think of - the more, the merrier!

Think there's a feature missing, or something looks broken? Let us know. email us: dev at coeliacmap.com.