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Last Updated: 14th June, 2011

The Coeliac Map application lets you find Gluten Free places to eat near you.

This Privacy Policy may be updated and you can receive information about updates through this web site. The latest version of the privacy policy is available to you at

Information Collected

To show places to eat ("venues") near you, we use the phone "Location Services API" to get your current location. Your location is sent to our servers in a non-identifying way to enable us to find venues and show the venues closest to you. When adding a new venue, your location will be sent to Bing if you choose to search for addresses using Bing; please also see the Bing Privacy Policy below. You have control to turn off the use of your location in the Settings page of the application from the main menu.

In order to continually improve the application, we track non-identifying information (such as the current page within the application being viewed) to analyze and understand how the app is used.

To support development costs, the application uses advertisments provided by AdMob. Non-identifying information such as location may be used; please also see the AdMob Privacy Policy below.

When you chose to share a venue with Facebook, we collect an "authentication token" through an authentication mechanism with Facebook. Your username and password are never stored by the application.

Age Policy

Coeliac Map does not require an account to be created to browse content or submit reviews.

Sharing to social networks

As a Coeliac Map user who has downloaded, installed and run the application software, you can choose to share a venue on Facebook. This is done in accordance to the privacy settings you have set in your Facebook account and will always involve your approval.

Please also see the Facebook Privacy Policy below.

Cookies and Similar Technologies

The application makes use of "cookies" whilst interacting with Facebook. A cookie is a data file that we store on your phone's storage for record-keeping purposes. Such "persistent cookies" are limited to authentication information for future logins to Facebook. If you do not accept the use of cookies, you will not be able to share venues with Facebook.

Sharing features

The app has the capability for you to choose to send information to others through e-mail, phone call, or other means. Such information sharing is at your own discretion and will always involve your approval.


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Contacting the app author

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